Kate Pointon, author of
The Peapod Family.
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Welcome to the official site of
The Peapod Family

If you're looking for Pippy, well he's not here, but you will find some details and history all about the home grown series of
children's story books created by Kate Pointon aka 'Katiepea'.
The series of books centred around the family of peas contains characters such as Grandad Pea, a clever old pea who makes all sorts of useful contraptions from bits and pieces he finds in the garden. Then there's Granny Pea, the wife of Grandad pea, she may be old but she's still very funny, especially when she gets confused by the things goings on around her.
There is never a dull moment in the huge garden of Sir Edward's where the
Peapod Family live alongside many other friends who they shall meet in their various adventures.

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